25th September 2017

It is with regret that for the forseeable future we will be unable to take in any more kittens. This year we have rescued 58 kittens of which we have homed only 20. Some sadly we were unable to save. We have taken 10 so far to our shelter, making the number of cats there 50. Fosterers still have 12 that are still young and cute and homeable, and one of our fosterers has in addition to the small kittens, 8 long term fosters, we just have not got the space or funds to care for any more. We desperately need to home some of our young kittens. If you can give a kitten or an adult cat a home please ring 99205752.

Kitten Info:

Between April and October, it is ‘kitten season’ and we get inundated with requests to save abandoned kittens more during this period than any other time of the year.

Often the kittens have been rejected by their mum when they are only a few days old, and they need around the clock attention to help them survive. This often includes bottle feeding them every 2 hours (even through the night!)

We have an amazing group of fosterers that help out, but we always need more, so if you feel you can help out in this area, please get in touch!

Once these kittens are 8 weeks old, they will have had their first vaccination, and they will be wormed and de flea’d, and then they will need a new home. If you want to give one of these kittens a forever home and receive endless love in return, then please contact us!

Below is just a selection of our current kittens, but please see our Facebook page for new additions!


Kittens 2