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Four supportive hotels to cats in the Polis area.

After the awful pictures of poor kittens at the Paphos Gardens Hotel, and the subsequent excellent rescue of I think it was 7 cats and kittens from there and the wonderful Dawn from Tala Monastery Cats for taking them in and giving them the treatment they required. I thought I would talk about the 4 largest Hotels in the Polis region. We consider ourselves lucky with these hotels, as they seem to care about the cats that live on their premises. The Anassa Hotel, who gave us €500 in the winter of 2014/15 when we neutered 15 of their cats and we were pleased to see the feeding areas where they provide biscuits for the cats to feed on. The Aphrodite Hotel, where Gregoria and her mum feed several cats each morning to supplement the food we leave for the many cats we have neutered there. The Akamanthea who have been feeding several resident cats for some years and we have neutered them all. Thanks to Phoebe for helping by spotting the cats without the telltale 'V' in their ears. Lastly, I would like to mention the Natura Hotel, where we carefully selected a number of females from there with the help of Joey who works for the German Cycling club there and got them spayed. The owner has his own cats all males but does not want them neutered, and I respect that as he had no problem with us doing the females. With the help of Joey, we identified several kittens which we had been feeding through the winter about half a kilometre from the Hotel in an Orange Grove. They had now made their way into the hotel grounds but were struggling to get the food that was put out from the kitchen because of the amount of adults so we began to leave food in the orange grove right next to the hotel. I had been leaving the food and water there for a few weeks when I was spotted by the owner; I thought ok I'm in trouble now, but that was not the case! He very nicely asked if I could gradually move the food a little bit further away from the Hotel but still on his land so the cats would not be an annoyance to the guests in a villa at the edge of the orange grove. What a relief! As the kittens are always waiting if I go with food in the cool of the evening, and they have moved along the Orange Grove tree by tree until the hopper is now far enough away. Thank you, Mr Natura! So not all hotels are so cruel or maybe we are just lucky that 3 out of the 4 Hotels are privately owned.

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