October 2015 - Chairmans Report

Polis Animal Rescue group has been able to continue its work thanks to the many supporters of our fund raising events.

The number of cats neutered in this area in the last 12 months being 55. 15 of these were at the Anassa Hotel who kindly gave us €500 to cover the cost. This is just 1 less than last years figures. I am expecting to neuter many more cats from now due to the Feral neutering scheme set up with the new Veterinary Clinic in Polis. This scheme is for feral cats that are fed by members of the public but are not their pet cats. The customer pays the clinic €30 for a female(€45 if pregnant) and €20 for a male. Leaving the balance of €20 and €15 respectively for the Group to pay. The scheme does not include a vaccination. This is much easier than asking the customer for a donation. Anyone who feeds multiple cats will be considered an exceptional circumstance and a special arrangement may be made to neuter/spay the colony if the feeder cannot pay for multiple cats. I feel this is better than leaving the cats to breed indiscriminately. All cats fed and cared for by the Group will be neutered/spayed as in the past and vaccinated.

Many thanks must once again go to Dr Inna and Dr Viktorija at Peyia Veterinary Clinic, and Dr Maria at Polis who continue to neuter vaccinate and treat for parasites, and care for any sick cats for a very reasonable price. Sadly Dr Livia has now left the clinic and she will be sorely missed by Polis Rescue for her extra care of our many cats. All cats neutered receive a full health check. This means we send our neutered cats back into the wild, healthy and protected. They also treat any sick or injured animals for us at a vastly reduced cost, many times charging us nothing at all. Without people like them we would not be able to operate successfully. Thanks also to Nicky who negotiates the price for the food for us from the suppliers.

We continue to feed the feral cat population in and around Polis and Latchi, currently feeding in excess of 100 cats every day. Many thanks to Wendy, Carol, Lyn, Gill, Sue and Colin, Carol and Howard and Dave Carbine, for tirelessly feeding all these cats. Pauline and David continue to feed and care for the cats at the Aphrodite Hotel and all that have been caught have been neutered. We still provide food to a colony of cats who live behind the properties opposite the Psaropoulis restaurant, most of which we have had neutered, these are fed by Bambos and his family.

Our safe haven Pallett Palace continues to thrive. We have 38 cats there, 15 of whom have been there since 2011 and 2012, and two who has been there since 2010. Some come and go others who are always there. 2 cats were killed by a dog earlier in the year and one went missing at the same time but I couldn’t find her. Sadly just a couple of weeks ago 2 of our kittens were killed by a dog, despite leaving a trap there for over a week there has been no sign of the dog again KITTENS We have treated or taken in 38 cats and kittens in the last 12 months. We took in 14 very young kittens this year and only managed to home 4, the other 10 joined our colony at Pallett Palace. Many thanks to Lorraine, Carol Cynthia and me for fostering them

DOGS We have helped 20 dogs in the last 12 months, sometimes by paying for vaccinations or operations for dogs that Anita from the Peyia Private sanctuary has taken in, as she will always help us by taking in strays from this area. Thanks also to Nieske who has recently started a dog rescue in Giolou and kindly took in a little hound dumped in my car park. Thanks must go to Lorraine who is our chief kitten fosterer who kindly offered to foster 2 sml puppies born to a Cypriot owned little dog. These 2 gorgeous little puppies subsequently secured homes in the UK thanks to Anita Edwards!

Fund Raising We have held several fund raising events this year with the help of Colin and Sue. Michael Antonio entertained us at Molos in December, and we had a Beetle Drive at the Steni Tavern which was a lot of fun, and of course Colin’s very successful Murder Mystery at the Paradisos. I tried something different for a summer fund raiser this year. Raphael Orlando Tate a very popular American soul singer who resides in Paphos, came and entertained us at Evgenious Hills, an outdoor venue, who also provided an excellent buffet and Gary Milner from Turtle Tavern provided the bar. As the venue could cater for a large number of people we invited the Hospice Shop to join us in the event and sell tickets to their supporters and we would share the profits. Sadly this did not work out as we had hoped as they only sold 24 tickets. However we did much better and sold 100. It was a very successful event at a beautiful location overlooking Chrysochous bay and run by a lovely Cypriot family who also enjoyed themselves!. Without the money raised from these events we would not survive. We had another successful 4 trip to Kyrenia also raising much needed funds.

Another source of regular income is the twice weekly Duckpond Market that Carol diligently attends, with help from Judy and Sue, many thanks to them. They are always looking for things to sell, especially bric-a-brac. If you would like to man the tables once in a while Carol will be eternally grateful.

Donations into my Uk bank account amounted to €291 this year. A big drop from previous years due to the setting up of a paypal ‘donate’ facility on our website. Total to date €1,635.00, the majority of which comes from a lovely Russian lady who has been sending us €100 almost every month.

Many thanks to Amanda Sweeny who paints pebbles and sold them in Debbie’s café raising €100 for us.

Boule continues to be popular, at the Argaka picnic site. Thanks for your support.

Thanks must go the Fly Again Boules group which once again gave us a generous donation of €200

Finally, last but not least, thanks to all the people that continue to support our fundraising events, we try to make them fun and worth your hard earned cash. Thanks to you all!! May we have a successful 6 year.

June Griffiths (Chair)

June Griffiths (Chair)

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