You can help


Ways you can help:

At our shelter:

We have a piece of land out in the country where we keep a colony of 30+ cats that need to be visited twice a day for feeding, cleaning dishes, refreshing water and cat cuddling. Most of the cats are very friendly and yearn for human company.
You can also just come and do an hours cuddling as they would like that. If you can help, please ring 99205752 and I will take you to see them.


We are always looking for help in all areas: fostering, cat feeding, fundraising, transporting animals to vets.

Fundraising Events:

Coming along to any of our fundraising events. Without support at these events, we would not be able to operate, as food and vets cost money, the TLC comes free! Ring 99205752 if you would like to help. See our events page for more details!


  • We have a stall at the Duckpond Market in Chloraka every Sun and Wed. We urgently need help to man this stall. If you could help us just one Sun or Wed per month, please ring Carol on 99903205.
  • Also any bric-a-brac, clothes DVDs, etc. you don’t want, and we can sell to raise much-needed cash, please ring Carol 99903205
  • Donations of dry cat food are urgently required to feed our ever growing kittens and the free-living cats. We have collection points at Debbie's Cafe Latchi, and Holitec office (OPP Crystal Marine boat storage in Prodromi), or you can donate cash in our many collection jars in shops around the Polis area.
  • We gave been inundated with requests to neuter colonies of cats at various locations in the Polis area. Sadly these cannot be done under the feral programme with the clinic as there is no one to pay the 'carers' contribution, so we can only do them if Polis Animal Rescue pays the whole amount for the operation. We really need some help to do this so, please Donate via Paypal using the 'Donate' button at the top of the page it will really help us to neuter/spay many feral cats and reduce the number of unwanted kittens that are born every springtime. Thank you
  • If you would like to donate to our feral neutering scheme in conjunction with Polis Pet Care Centre, we have a collection box in the clinic in Polis (just behind Yiannakis Supermarket).