We are currently in need of help with our TNR programme, can you help? 44913618 934841186699774 5624871036936781824 o

This has always been the highest priority of Polis Animal Rescue Group, and since Dr. Inna and Dr. Maria opened the clinic in Polis, we have been inundated with requests to neuter colonies of cats.. and this is why


Since the clinic opened in July 2015, we have neutered 133 cats, and only 33 were part paid by the person requesting the neutering. We had our highest ever vet bill for February in excess of €2000.

Recently, I had a request from the Steni Cafe to help with the neutering of several cats at the cafe and the owners home where they also feed several cats. At lunchtime, we went to Reno's apartment in Polis where they are overrun with cats and the young lady who feeds them has asked us to neuter them, about 20 cats there. We really need to financial help to get all these cats sterilised, as this is the time of year when the majority of unspayed females are pregnant, and in 6 months time the kittens will be pregnant too. If you can help us in any way you can leave a donation at the Polis Pet Care Centre, or you can donate by Paypal to, or by using the 'donate' button on our website

If you are in the UK and would like to make a donation, please email me at and I will forward you our UK bank details. Anyone with any fundraising experience we would welcome you to hold any sort of fundraising event for us. Thank you!